Everything you need to do before becoming an owner of your first node with MyCointainer.

Create your Avalanche node with MyCointainer node-as-service solution

The process is simple and straightforward, check it out below.

1. When successfully logged in, open the MyCointainer node deployment service. Select Avalanche (AVAX) as your chosen asset.

You can spin off various infrastructures through our service. However, this guide covers deploying Avalanche nodes.

2. Select the preferred release from the available ones.

Please take note that the further configuration of the node will be related to the network you chose.

3. Set the basic details of your node, then click “Continue”.

Node name refers to the internal naming in the MyCointainer service, where Name refers to the naming that will be visible on the blockchain.

4. Select your preferred payment frequency, then click “Continue”.

Please ensure you always have available funds in your account wallet, as the payments will be deducted automatically.

5. You're set up, we've got your request there! Give us some time to deploy your Avalanche node.

Typically all the requested nodes are available to work within 24 hours.

6. You can check the current status of all your created infrastructure on the Overview page.

Once your node is synchronized, you can access all its possible operations by selecting its name from the list of your deployed assets.

Finish setting up your deployed node

Based on your end goal intentions, complete the setup with the help of the instructions below.

Bonding process to become a validator


  • AVAX Wallet

  • Avalanche Node

  • AVAX coins to stake

NOTE: The minimum stake necessary to be elected as an active validator is 2000 AVAX.

The minimum period one can stake funds for validation is 2 weeks.

The maximum amount of time one can stake funds for validation is 1 year.

The minimum delegation fee rate is 2%.

The maximum weight of a validator (their own stake + stake delegated to them) is the minimum of 3 million AVAX and 5 times the amount the validator staked. For example, if you staked 2,000 AVAX to become a validator, only 8000 AVAX can be delegated to your node total (not per delegator).

You can always verify these details by checking official documentation.


1. Create AVAX new wallet here.

NOTE: If you have an AVAX wallet go to step 2

2. Log in to the wallet.

3. Transfer your funds from the C Chain to the P Chain.

  • Select the Cross Chain tab from the navigation panel on the left side.

  • Change Source chain to C Chain and Destination Chain to P Chain.

  • Choose Transfer Amount and Confirm.

4. Add Validator.

  • Select the Earn tab from the navigation panel on the left side. Select Add Validator.

  • Update Node ID field - You can acquire your Node ID from your node on MyCointainer once you run operations Show Node ID.

  • Update Staking End Date - The minimum number of days for staking is 14.

  • Provide Stake Amount - The minimum amount is 2000 AVAX.

  • Set amount for Delegation Fee - The minimum amount is 2%

  • Select Reward Address - This can be the current wallet address or a custom one.

  • Follow with CONFIRM and SUBMIT.

Your bonding is completed!

NOTE: You can check your Node here by Node ID- in the search bar.

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